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Imagine sitting in precisely the exact same place for six or more hours in cramped quarters while bumping along on rough roads. Drivers regularly endure such circumstances, and frequently pay a steep price. Shortened leg muscles, backaches, neck strain and shoulder discomfort are merely some of the physical problems that plague automobile drivers. Now, however, truckers are finding that massage therapy can relieve these symptoms and place them back in the driver’s seat.

Massage therapist Susan Cornish operates her clinic at Lotus Massage Cronulla, Suite 1 – 447 Captain Cook DRV Cronulla NSW 2230. “I saw drivers standing around rubbing their backs and necks,” she says. “I brought up the idea to the car owners and are receptive.” Although her customer base grew gradually, those who have indulged in massage are spreading the word to fellow motorists around Cronulla.

Susan points out that the benefits of massage bring back the drivers for more. “They leave the office more relaxed. Massage works out the knots, pains and aches and leaves them refreshed,” she says. Susan finds that gripping the steering wheel for hours at a time causes upper back, neck and shoulder stiffness and that sitting for long periods results in low-back issues. According to Susan , many motorists are thrilled to find they undergo a much better night’s sleep after massage.

Lotus Massage Cronulla, includes drivers among her many clients. “drivers begin in negative balance. There’s plenty of stress with driving and bouncing. They get paid by the mile or trip, so motorists get little sleep and push hard,” she says.

Among her driving clients complained of leg pain. Therapeutic efforts to decrease his distress were ineffective until Susan went straight to the source of the issue. Upon close examination of the driver’s seat, Susan found that the door handle rubbed against the guy for 12 hours at a time, causing a burn on both sides of his leg. “It was an eye-opener to enter the car,” she says. “The cockpit was little. A great deal of things can cause abrasions.”

Ashraf George, owner of Sydney South Driving School in Liverpool, NSW, reports that massage companies or people, like Susan , usually contract for distance on-site. Although on-site massage therapy hasn’t experienced significant growth for driving instructors , McClure suggests that this type of message is welcomed. “We’re pleased to have the support at our websites,” he says.



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